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David Bird
Associate Professor




David Bird

Dr.David Bird completed his PhD in plant molecular and cellular biology at the University of Calgary in 2003. His Doctoral research focused on the cellular basis of morphine biosynthesis in opium poppy. Dr.Bird has worked as a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Saskatchewan, where he studied the localization of plant cell cycle control proteins,and the University of British Columbia, where Dr. Bird studied the formation of the plant cuticle: the "waxy skin" of leaves and herbaceous plants. His work at UBC led to the discovery of the first gene believed to be involved in the secretion of the cuticle components from the cell. Dr.Bird is continuing his research in cuticle ultra-structure and formation at Mount Royal.
Ph.D. in Plant Molecular Biology, 2003. University of Calgary.
B.Sc. (With Distinction) in Biological Sciences, 1997. University of Calgary.
Educational Institution Employment
Associate Professor, Chemical and Biological Sciences, Mount Royal University, Canada, 2011, December 15 - Present (Full Time).
Assistant Adjunct Professor, Department of Biological Sciences, University of Calgary, Canada, 2009 - Present (Adjunct).