Human Research (HREB)

New HREB Application Form

The new ethics application form is now available. This form will be required for all ethics applications submitted in the upcoming 2016/17 academic year. Contact the Research Compliance Officer, Priscilla Wamucii at for more information.




  • Delegated review – Approximate time to initial review response: 2 Weeks
  • Full board review
    • Board meetings are generally the first Friday of each month. An application requiring full board review should be submitted at least 1.5 weeks before a meeting in order to be added in the next meeting agenda.
    • The deadlines for submitting ethics applications for Full Board review in Fall 2016 are as follows:
      • August 23, 2016
      • September 20, 2016
      • October 25, 2016
      • November 22, 2016
  • Course based review- Approximate time to initial review response: 2 Weeks
    • The deadlines for submitting applications for course based student research based ethics review are as follows:
      • Winter: November 1
      • Spring:  March 1
      • Fall: August 15

How do I… 

  1. Submit a new HREB Application? 
  2. Submit a course-based application?
    Approximate time to initial review response: 2 weeks
  3. Submit an honours thesis application?
    Approximate time to initial review response: 2 weeks
  4. Submit a modification to my study?
    Approximate review timeline: 1 week
  5. Submit a progress / completion report?
    Submit by anniversary date of study clearance. Note that submitting a progress report is a request for extension of clearance for the study for an additional year. A study is considered complete after the last contact with participants regarding data collection or analysis
  6. Know if my application will be delegated?
  7. Submit an external application?
  8. Submit a multi-site application?

Contact us

Research Compliance Officer
Priscilla Wamucii
Office of Research Services
RM U269B or 403 440.8470

When to contact Priscilla:

  • inquiries regarding your HREB or SHREC study ID
  • submitting HREB or SHREC applications
  • submitting final HREB or SHREC approved revisions for issue of ethics clearance letter
  • submitting HREB or SHREC annual renewal/extension reports and/or completion reports
  • submitting modification requests
  • all other general inquires this webpage did not answer

Chair, Human Research Ethics Board
Dr. Cynthia Gallop
Child Studies and Social Work, T375 or 403-440-6985