Human Research (HREB)

New Application Form

The HREB Application Form for 2016/17 is changing. The new form will be available in the coming weeks. We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience. For more information, please contact Research Compliance Officer, Priscilla Wamucii at




  • Delegated review – Approximate time to initial review response: 2 Weeks
  • Full board review
    • Board meetings are generally the first Friday of each month. An application requiring full board review should be submitted at least 1.5 weeks before a meeting in order to be added in the next meeting agenda.
    • The deadlines for submitting ethics applications for Full Board review in Fall 2016 are as follows:
      • August 23, 2016
      • September 20, 2016
      • October 25, 2016
      • November 22, 2016
  • Course based review- Approximate time to initial review response: 2 Weeks
    • The deadlines for submitting applications for course based student research based ethics review are as follows:
      • Winter: November 1
      • Spring:  March 1
      • Fall: August 15

How do I… 

  1. Submit a new HREB application?
  2. Submit a course-based application?
    Approximate time to initial review response: 2 weeks
  3. Submit an honours thesis application?
    Approximate time to initial review response: 2 weeks
  4. Submit a modification to my study?
    Approximate review timeline: 1 week
  5. Submit a progress / completion report?
    Submit by anniversary date of study clearance. Note that submitting a progress report is a request for extension of clearance for the study for an additional year. A study is considered complete after the last contact with participants regarding data collection or analysis
  6. Know if my application will be delegated?
  7. Submit an external application?
  8. Submit a multi-site application?

Contact us

Research Compliance Officer
Priscilla Wamucii
Office of Research Services
RM U269B or 403 440.8470

When to contact Priscilla:

  • inquiries regarding your HREB or SHREC study ID
  • submitting HREB or SHREC applications
  • submitting final HREB or SHREC approved revisions for issue of ethics clearance letter
  • submitting HREB or SHREC annual renewal/extension reports and/or completion reports
  • submitting modification requests
  • all other general inquires this webpage did not answer

Chair, Human Research Ethics Board
Dr. Cynthia Gallop
Child Studies and Social Work, T375 or 403-440-6985