Please note the last day to submit ethics applications ensuring review prior to the summer holidays is May 15th 2015. Application submitted after May 15th may be subject to review following the summer break.

Mount Royal University believes in maintaining high ethical standards when it comes to research and scholarly activities. If you are a Mount Royal researcher or someone that wishes to conduct research at Mount Royal, using human or animal participants, or human health information, proper ethical clearance needs to be secured for your research.

Attending an ethics tutorial prior to submitting an application is mandated at Mount Royal with renewal required every 3 years. As an alternative to the Ethics 101 session, you can do the TCPS online tutorial found here.


Research Compliance Officer
Priscilla Wamucii
Office of Research Services
U269B or 403-440-8470

Chair, Human Research Ethics Board
Dr. David Cann
Psychology, EA3049 or 403-440-8541